How much do you charge per square foot?
Ultimately it’s the homeowner that steers the final project costs, based on their selections for the home’s finishes. Another factor that can determine cost is the condition of the building site. Whether there are trees to clear, undulations to fill, accessibility for trucks and machines, soil borings for tests, etc., they can all make a big difference. SCC has worked within a broad range of prices per square foot.

What is “cost plus”?
Cost plus is a method of quoting and billing a project. Simply stated, SCC will invoice the cost from suppliers and subcontractors, plus the agreed upon percent for GPM. Many clients favor this method as it is very transparent and categories are line itemized on estimates and invoices. This type of contract is also used when homeowners want to begin as soon as possible yet they have not identified all selections, or there are too many items that would be an allowance.

What is involved in quoting a project?
Once SCC has drawings for your project, we will review the plans and visit the site with appropriate sub-contractors. Every facet of the architect or designer's plan is studied down to the smallest piece of trim. Size, species, and color of each item must be considered in the quoting process. Before we submit a quote we have completed, on paper, the project down to the last screw that will be installed on your hardware.

This meticulous attention to detail is something we take pride in at SCC and it allows us to give a much more realistic price to the homeowner. When homeowners request a bid from multiple contractors, it’s important that before they consider the “cheapest” bid, they look at the most realistic bid to minimize additional costs in the end.

How long will the project take?
The duration of each project varies depending on the caliber and nature of the project. Our remodels have often ranged from 4 weeks for complete kitchen remodels to the studs, to 12 months for full home renovations that also included additions to the home. New custom home construction is on average 6-9 months; a year for larger projects.

How often will we communicate?
Communication is key in any successful relationship. SCC is in constant communication with architects & designers, vendors, sub-contractors, inspectors, & homeowners. The way we communicate and how often we meet is determined in the beginning of the project to meet the needs and desires of the client to builder relationship.

I’m only in town on weekends, can you still work on my home during the week?
Many SCC clients own second homes in the area and only visit on weekends or a couple weeks out of the year. Clients regularly trust Schmidke Construction & Contracting with the key to their home for ease of access and project completion during the week. We have a number of projects that have been purposefully scheduled during a time when the homeowner was on vacation or at another home.

What can I expect from the subcontractors you’ve hired?
SCC has almost 20 years of experience in the industry, working with numerous sub-contractors and even other general contractors. This experience has allowed us to develop a keen eye for the right caliber of workmanship and professionalism, and therefore appropriate sub-contractor on each project. SCC is licensed and insured, and we ensure that all of our sub-contractors carry the appropriate licensing and insurance also.

Are you a design-build firm?
SCC does not create blueprints in house but has relationships with both architects and designers who can create drawings needed for your project. This is another example of how SCC can help streamline your remodel or new build, being the single point of contact throughout the entirety of the project.

According to Michigan’s building code, an architect is only required when building over 3,500 square feet of finished living area. There are some definitive advantages however to using an architect and SCC suggests drawings be made by an architect or designer whenever possible as is standard in custom residential building and remodels.

When is a special permit needed?
With the beautiful and unique natural resources in Southwest Michigan, SCC has to be well versed in special permitting when it comes to dunes, water, diverse terrain, and government designated clean up zones. For quick reference, a guide to special joint permitting from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality & US Army Corp of Engineers can be found here.

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Are you ready to
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