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Stevensville, Michigan

The goal of this construction project on Lake
Michigan was to  stabilize the dune, prevent
any future potential structural issues on the
home, and provide the opportunity for new
aesthetic finishes at the garage entry.  

Next to the home, steel sheet pilings forty foot
in length were driven vertically into the dune to
create a retaining wall 110 feet wide.  Four feet
from the top of the sheet walls, an I-beam waler
was installed with helical tiebacks driven into the
dune to help secure the upper portion of the steel

To complete the project, landscaping contractors
provided visual appeal planting douglas fir trees
for privacy and dune grasses found naturally in
the region for continuity and MDEQ  approval.  

Also completed at this project location: replaced
existing decking with new hidden fastener system
composite decking.

Wightman & Associates