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SCC tore out and rebuilt the kitchen and two bathrooms in our 80 year old house during one hot
summer in 2006.  From start to finish we enjoyed the project because of Joshua’s willingness to
serve and please, his stunning work ethic, and most importantly the craftsmanship and quality
of his work.  If he’d have us, we would ask him to build an entire new house for us in the future
knowing that his work will exceed our expectations.   Joshua’s soft-spoken demeanor belies his
determination and focus on the job.  He is an organized contractor who has built strong
relationships with his subs.  Any concerns we might have had about his youthful age were
put to rest the moment we began to discuss the project.  Josh is not only a great contractor
but a skilled carpenter and plumber.  
Our old house required the application of plaster instead of dry wall.  The heat and humidity
of that summer combined with no air conditioning caused a nightmarish 4 week delay  in the
project while we waited for the plaster to dry.  But Joshua stayed cool and calm and went out
of his way to place fans and moisture sensors in the walls.  He re-scheduled the subs and the
project was delivered against a new schedule.  Joshua was there every day to check on the
plaster.  We admired his management of this difficulty.  
Above and beyond is standard operating procedure for SCC.  One day I realized our young
golden retriever Molly, had become stuck in the tangled brush down the ravine in our backyard.  
Before I knew it Joshua was down the ravine and back up, puppy in his arms. How can you
beat that?  We highly recommend SCC for your next construction project.
-Joan Smith
Smith-Dahmer Associates

Finally, someone we can trust and count on to do all the work needed to make our home
what we wanted!
- Stewart S.
We were highly delighted by SCC’s work.
Joshua came when he said he would,
worked quickly and did the highest quality
of work.  He never exceeded his estimates:
in fact, he made a number of suggestions
that saved us both time and money.  He is
an overall nice and honest guy and we
would not hesitate to hire him again for
any task around our home.
-Richard & Marlene Butterworth  
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