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Planning and communication are the foundation of any custom build or remodel. During the preconstruction phase, the client’s questions are answered, expectations confirmed, and deliverables outlined. This is a phase when consulting specialists in other industries may be important. From soil borings to design work and material selections, SCC works with the necessary professionals that lay the groundwork for your project.

-Budget Planning & Value Engineering Recommendations
-Coordination with Architect and/or Designer
-Site Plan & Site Prep
-Develop Master Schedule
-Confirm Resources, Supplies, & Labor Force Availability

SCC manages the daily details of your project as it’s underway. What if this is your second home and you aren’t able to be onsite regularly? Clients often allow SCC access to their property for work to be completed while they are away. Communication frequency and method is set by the client, but available via phone, email, or the client’s own project portal where they can view photos and progress just by logging in. Regular face to face check in and site walk through is encouraged depending on schedules.

-Client login assigned for real time access to project updates through Builder Trend software
-Regular meetings upon builder & client request
-Single point accountability & control
-Safety on the job site
-Management of subcontractors & specialists
-Minimizing neighborhood impact

With all the time you’ve spent planning and dreaming, you’re no doubt ready to move into your new space. After final inspection has taken place and occupancy permit is granted, SCC delivers cleanliness, explains how it functions, and turns over a quality home that will last for years to come. You’re covered by an SCC warranty so you can relax about your investment. Go ahead, make memories.

-Punch list
-Clean up
-Final Inspection & Occupancy Permit
-Continued Care
-Welcome to the SCC Family

Sometimes a build site can be complex. Lean on SCC, we’ve done it before. If you have questions about your lot or potential site, please contact us to discuss.

-Knowledge of unique geographic locations, dunes & water, sandy & clay soils, governmental clean up sites
-Collaboration with entities such as MDEQ, US Army Corp of Engineers, and Structural or Environmental Engineers

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